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SuperHuman Enterprises’ “Vivid Vision”

A glimpse into the Future... July 2021

Unless you are a true SuperHuman (or Professor X from X Men), chances are you can’t read minds. Of course, it would be nice, but a mind-reading course unfortunately isn’t on our roadmap...

... yet. ;)

Instead, we did the next best thing:

We wrote a “Vivid Vision.”

A vivid vision guides our company, students, and partners in what we are building and where we are heading.

It is a detailed overview of what our company will look, feel, and act like by July of 2021.

Sharing it with you helps make our ideal outlook of the future into a reality!

Now if what you read inspires you, you have some work to do.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to reach out to us if...

  • You have SuperHuman talents that fit in with our core values (you can also visit our careers page)
  • You have a connection to a school, friend, or organization that would benefit from our mission
  • You have ideas to help us achieve our vision

Our best email is info@becomingasuperhuman.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you, and are excited for you to join us on this crazy ride.